The Great Chiberia Recovery

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Safeguarding Your Property from the Long Term Effects of the Polar Vortex

Tips From The Management Team at Podolsky|Circle CORFAC International

1600AlgonquinBy the time you read this, the incessant barrage of snow, sleet, wind and ice will merely be a memory…albeit an excessively unpleasant one. But even if we have put the polar vortex behind us, we must not overlook the detrimental effects it may have had on our properties.

A key emphasis for Podolsky|Circle’s Property Management Team has always been preventive maintenance, and that is especially important in the wake of the unique season from which we’re now recovering.


Inspecting the following items for damage now will help keep your property safe and sound for the upcoming seasons and beyond:

  • There’s nothing worse than a drain that doesn’t drain. (Except maybe a straw that doesn’t suck?)
    Check storm drain covers to make sure that rings and basins were not damaged.
  • April showers may not bring flowers.
    Snow load and elevated salting levels will almost certainly have caused landscape damage in some areas.
  • Take advantage of the nicer weather – walk your lot and note any issues that need to be addressed.
    Parking lots in particular took a beating this year and will likely need additional attention to fix concrete and asphalt.
  • Never wait until you can see roof damage from the inside – Just ask the Minnesota Vikings!
    Get up on those rooftops and check to see how the freeze/thaw has affected conditions.
  • Goodbye wind chill, Hello heat index.
    HVAC units should be checked to make sure that they did not suffer any undue stress on the systems.
  • Ordinary duct tape won’t help you here!
    We encountered drain line freezes this year which have never happened before. This occurred because the temperatures were subzero for an extended period of time. To combat this, we installed heat tape and extra insulation around the pipes.

The winter’s unparalleled freeze thaw cycles and long term frigid temps may have lasting effects on your property year round. Don’t fall behind; spring into action!