The forecast calls for snow …eventually

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Tips from the Management Team at Podolsky|Circle

We know that snow is something no one in the Chicago area wants to think about in September; like sub-zero temperatures or the Bears needing a late-season win to make the playoffs.
But as Podolsky|Circle’s Property Management Team, we know that – like preventive maintenance – planning for the future is a necessity if you wish to keep costs down, both in the short- and long-terms.
The following guidelines will help keep your property safe and sound for the upcoming season and beyond:

  • Competition is good for business.
    Solicit three bids for a given property. This will encourage vendors to offer you their true ‘best price’ as well as give you an idea of fair market value for the service you’re bidding.
  • Detailes Details are important.
    Be prepared to think long term about plowing contractors and your property. When interviewing a new contractor, ask for site locations near your property and contact information for those clients. Call those clients the day of a storm and ask how well the contractor serviced the property. You want a real time and unbiased opinion of how that contractor services properties.
  • Time is of the essence.
    Require a 4-day turn around on invoices. You won’t remember an event which happened 30 days ago. You will remember one that happened earlier that week.
  • Your contractor is certifiable – in a good way.
    Require that certified snow reports from a third party company be submitted with every invoice.
  • Dollars vs. Sense.
    Contract cost is important, but the contractor’s ability to service the site is more important.
  • Don’t accept anything ‘sub’ about your contractor.
    Stay away from companies that subcontract your site, or require that you meet with the subcontractor and obtain their insurance.

Hopefully the coming winter won’t be as harsh as last year’s polar vortex – or the Bears’ late season collapse. But Bear Weather or not, 100% preparedness is a proven winner!