Say it with Flowers

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By Joe Menzione, ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance


A colorful splash of flowers does wonders for a property’s curb appeal. Color beds create focus, order and drama in otherwise ordinary landscapes. Because of the visual interest created by seasonal color, it can often be designed as an important element for attracting tenants and visitors to a property.

A vibrant color program that utilizes the seasonal dynamics of the plants will pull the landscape together. Whether the use of color is bold or subtle, flowers will bring balance, interest and value to the landscape. Your color program can have amazing results. Color themes may be used to complement buildings, company colors or the appropriate season of the year.

With careful planning, a well-designed and maintained seasonal color display can have a lot of value. If you are looking to improve aesthetics, provide identity to a property and attract the attention of tenants, residents, employees, guests and the general public, then a strong color program will deliver results.

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