Real Estate Moves in Cycles
- Or Does It?

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The Investment Advisory team at Podolsky|Circle CORFAC International has declared themselves impervious to the ubiquitous real estate cycles so often cited as the driving force behind corporate decision-making.

According to Podolsky|Circle Principal Alissa Adler, whether it’s a down period like the recent recession or a time when the market is heating up (i.e. as you read this), many investment companies outsource projects to highly experienced independent advisors. As workflows fluctuate with the cycles, a company can retain the services of qualified outside advisors ready to step in and hit the ground running at a more economical rate than incurring the salary and benefit cost of full-time individuals.

With that mindset, Podolsky|Circle has created a unique advisory platform. While already recognized by clients for their work vis-à-vis the mechanics of due diligence and underwriting, Podolsky|Circle also offers their expertise in preparing debt and equity memorandums, raising equity or debt and deal structuring.  Because of the senior level of involvement with each client, transactional execution goes far beyond the typical “number crunching”.

Scalability is also a factor for many clients. Some need multiple eyes, nationally, on the ground at a moment’s notice. Or, as Adler puts it, “Deals move quickly and so do we.”

“When competition gets fierce,” she explains, “clients rely on us to dispatch and manage qualified and tested talent for larger projects with a single Podolsky|Circle point of contact. Having had the opportunity to compare in-house services to the advisors-for-hire approach, many investors now see the benefits to being lean and mean.”
She adds that Podolsky|Circle’s Investment Advisory focus continues to flourish as the market heats up, and she expects that the need will only grow.

“Investors generally are very optimistic about the direction the market is heading, but many are reluctant to incur the additional expenses generated by a full-time staff when there is a qualified advisor with a proven track record available to assist them at a fraction of the long term costs. Additionally, the attention to detail Podolsky|Circle brings most often results in deal savings that far exceed the cost of having that extra set of eyes.”