Creating Impact When Marketing a Property

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Adam J. Tarantur, Principal

The old adage you only have one chance to make a good first impression is as true in marketing commercial real estate as it is in any sales, marketing or business development scenario.  That’s all the more reason to make a dramatic first impression to create interest and generate a sense of urgency that can result in immediate activity and results. At the very least such an impression can heighten awareness and build momentum through an ongoing marketing campaign.

Every property has a story to be told. The key is to tell it in a way that distinguishes that property from all others. If the most compelling story about a property is its location, create a drone video that showcases access to the property and the surrounding transportation routes. If a property has extensive upgrades and finishes, create a means for allowing prospects to see the transformation.  Bring the story to them, don’t expect for the prospect to seek out the story.

Creating a compelling marketing program is a collaborative effort with building ownership; each party has a specific role to play. The broker is the conduit for telling the story—a story that can only be told effectively with complete information to build the dialogue.

The story will be crafted with information that includes:  complete building specifications and drawings, floor plans and accurate measurements, detailed capital improvements, surveys and a comprehensive building history.

At the end of the day, as a property is being marketed, it is important to stand apart from the competition. Your image is your brand.


  • Gather and package all the necessary information: This is important for establishing a marketing plan as well as crafting the appropriate materials to tell the property’s story. It also is essential to have supporting documentation, from drawings and site plans to warranties and property tax history, for prospective tenants and buyers.
  • Tell a compelling story: Every property has a story to be told in the features and benefits that will attract prospects. Make sure that the story is compelling, will create interest and generate activity.
  • Establish and execute a deliberate strategy: Outreach cannot solely be for the sake of outreach. The strategy must be deliberate, and impactful, both the message and execution. It is also very important to leverage technology, ensuring that no matter the message or means for delivering it, it is presented across all mediums to your entire audience, which is made up of both brokers and users.