Steven Podolsky Recognized
for Long Time Service

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SIOR and AIRE Honor Podolsky|Circle Principal

Steven H. Podolsky, SIOR has been recognized by two different Commercial Real Estate Industry organizations for long-time service.

The Society of Office and Industrial Realtors (‘SIOR’) recognized Mr. Podolsky, who has held the SIOR designation since 1975, by making him a member of the SIOR Legacy Circle, honoring his forty years of service. SIOR has 3,000+ members in more than 630 cities in 34 countries. Real estate professionals who have earned the SIOR designation are recognized by commercial real estate professionals as the most capable and experienced brokerage practitioners in any market.

Mr. Podolsky is currently a Trustee of the organization’s Educational Foundation as well as a member of its International Advisory Council. He is a Past President of both the Educational Foundation and SIOR-Chicago Chapter.

Mr. Podolsky was previously awarded an Honorary Membership from The Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers (‘AIRE’) for long term, meritorious service. AIRE is the largest industrial brokerage trade association in Illinois. The majority of all industrial purchase and sale transactions in the Chicago area are brokered through active AIRE members.

Mr. Podolsky is a Past President of AIRE.

”I have been active in both of these organizations for the majority of my 44 and half years in the business. I am honored to be recognized for my active participation in both organizations,” Mr. Podolsky said.